Plate(L)x5 : H/3.7cm D/21.4cm
Mukoduke Cupx5 : H/7cm D/8.8cm
Namasu Bowlx5 : H/4.8cm D/15.7cm
Bowl with lidx5 : H/9cm D/11.9cm
Small Cupx5 : H/4.4cm D/5.8cm

Age: 120~130 years old

*You may be satisfied with this gorgeous set!! Good chance to have one!

Imari Polychrome Dinner Set 25 pieces:  \105,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\113,400 JPY)

itemcode: A7156


Dimensions: H/3.4cm D/21.1cm
Age: 230~250 years old

Imari Blue & White Plates with the pattern of 'Hanakarakusa' set of 5:  \150,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\162,000 JPY)

itemcode: A6951


Dimensions: H/109.5cm W/100cm D/50cm
Mterial: Keyaki and paulownia wood
Area: Fukui prefecture
Age: 140~150 years old

*We luckily found this gorgeous Kuruma Tansu with all original material and metal works. if you are looking for authentic and rare piece, we truly recommend this!!

Mikuni Kuruma Tansu Wheels chest:  \780,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\842,400 JPY)

itemcode: A6546


Dimensions: H/3.7cm W/21.3cm D/11.3cm
Age: 250~260 years old

*Blue and White is popular in very old Imari, but it has red and gold originally. You may enjoy RARE old beautiful colors on it!!

Imari Polychrome Rectangular Plates set of 5:  \120,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\129,600 JPY)

itemcode: A6389


Diimensions: H/121.5cm(top/60.5cm Bottom/61cm) W/122cm D/44cm
Material: Keyaki (zelkova) and paulownia wood
Age: 100〜120 years old

*It is the perfect one!! The grain and lacquer condition on Keyaki wood is very beautiful and the original metal work is also so nice!
If you are looking for the best Japanese antique furniture, you should get this one!

Sado Tansu:  \850,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\918,000 JPY)

itemcode: A6005


Dimensions: H/3cm W/18.4cm D/10.3cm
Age: 230~250 years old

Imari Blue &White Rectangular Plates set of 5:  \65,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\70,200 JPY)

itemcode: A5755


Dimensions: H/4.7cm D/30.3cm
Age: 250〜280 years old

*Please see the beauty on VERY old Imari porcelain!! It was originally made for exporting to Europe. This kind of plates were decorated at the gorgeous house. Just try it at your space.

Imari Polychrome Large Plate:  \100,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\108,000 JPY)

itemcode: A5439


Dimensions: H/36cm D/18cm
Age: 70~80 years old

*This small basket will be nice to put anywhere! The patina on the bamboo is very attractive! Please see the pictures!

*The inner bamboo container (for water) is not original and can be replaced it if you are worried about the water leak.

Bamboo Ikebana Basket:  \22,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\23,760 JPY)

itemcode: A4933


"Dimensions:H/104.5cm W/109cm D/45.5cm
Material: Keyaki wood, Ceder wood

*It is one of the typical Japanese design like 'WABI SABI' taste.
If you see this Tansu closer, you will love those delicate works anywhere.

*Choba Tansu was originally used at the merchant's place of shop, but it would be nice to use it as your bar counter filled with you favorite kinds of liquor and glasses!!


Choba Tansu / Merchant's Chest  :  \320,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\345,600 JPY)

itemcode: A4760


Dimensions:H/113cm(Top/56cm Bottom/57cm) W/113cm D44cm
Material:Paulownia wood
Age: 100^120years old

Sado Tansu:  \580,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\626,400 JPY)

itemcode: A4543


"Dimensions: H/167cm(Top/83.5cm Bottom/83.5cm) W/109cm D/51.5cm
Material: Keyaki wood, black persimmon wood, paulownia wood, ceder wood,
Area: Kanto Area
Age: 80~90 years old

*It's a big cabinet for tableware. The decoration on the sliding doors and the gorgeous materials are absolutely beautiful!!

If you like, we will set up the light inside."

Mizuya Tansu (Kitchen cabinet):  \285,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\307,800 JPY)

itemcode: A4265


Dimensions: H/85cm W/111.5cm D/31cm
Material: All Paulownia
Frame/ Iron
Ranma Panel/ cypress
Age: 130~140 years old

Katana Tansu/Sword Chest Console style:  \260,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\280,800 JPY)

itemcode: A3530


"Dimensions: H/35cm W/82cm D/38cm
Material: Zelkova wood,Paulownia wood
Age:About 150~160 years old

*The patina on it is absolutely beautiful!! I just want to show and KEEP it:) Of course, very rare and difficult to find it."

Merchant Box (Money Box):  \360,000 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\388,800 JPY)

itemcode: A3249


"Dimensions: H/35cm W/192cm D/107cm
Material: Zelkova wood,Iron
Age:100~120 years old

*We designed the table to show the old warehouse door more attractive. It should be the main feature in your lounge room.

*Please see our blog, too. You will find the story to make it.


Kurato Table:  \428,570 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\462,855 JPY)

itemcode: A3158


Dimensions: H/194cm (Top/76cm Bottom/95cm) W/134cm D/75cm
Material: Zelkova wood
Age:100~120 years old

*It is the very RARE and beautiful one. So it must be carried to the owner who would cherish it!!

*The size and the balance is perfect!!

Kaidan tansu/ step chest:  \714,280 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\771,422 JPY)

itemcode: A3018


"Dimensions: H/72.5cm W/166.5cm(170.5cm/including the iron handles) D/74cm
Material:Paulownia wood
Age:NOW!! (Nagamochi was made in Meiji era)

*It will be displayed at the shop until Sep 14th and moved to our studio for picture-taking. If you are interested in it, please come and see it by then."

Nagamochi Trunk  :  \304,760 JPY (tax-inclusive price/\329,140 JPY)

itemcode: A2974

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