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ROGOBA focuses on creating the beautiful and comfortable living space by choosing particularly invariable and everlasting items. They mainly introduce the handwoven textile fabrics, “Kilim,” made by the nomads in the Near and Middle East. Also at ROGOBA, we can find the furniture designed by Finn Juhl, Hans J.Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, and by some notorious Scandinavian designers and architects, as well as the lighting fixtures, frames, and etc.
They started to deal in Kilim by building up the mutual reliance and friendship with the manufacturers
It is very impressive to talk with the President, Mr. Nishikawa. He is such a ‘hot’ guy, he goes to the Middle East to ‘live’ with the nomadic people, and after spending quite a long time to make the confident reliance between them, he brings back the Rogoba’s original Kilims which are designed in consideration of modern living while preserving the traditional patterns. Kilim has an excellent quality that we will be able to use it for generations. We were so glad to become acquainted with Mr. Nishikawa through planning our Interior Decorating page. Kilim and the Japanese Antique furniture are very good match. We would like to keep introducing more fantastic Kilims in our future web-site.

Hanakago Antique
This web-site is run by our friend who is an antique dealer living in Cololado, USA. Her main collection is Flower Baskets, but you can also find Old Imari, Netsuke, Lacquer-ware, Obi, and etc. She comes to Japan to attend the auctions and events several times a year. She is very well versed in Japan and in Japanese Antiques, even I learn from her sometimes.

In every issue, DARUMA MAGAZINE takes up one theme and special articles are contributed to explore the Japanese culture and the Japanese Antique. All the pictures are beautiful and everything is written in English, so it will be very nice especially for the foreigners to get to know about Japan. It is very learning for me, too. The editor, and the translator, Momoko Takeguchi, is my friend living in Kobe. Very competent, and intelligent. But I have never seen a person, who is totally different when she is at home, like her. . . she is really a lovable person.